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In 1973, Robert Wan spotted in the pearl culture the beginning of a beautiful adventure. More than anyone else, he saw in pearl techniques a way to highlight Polynesia and its treasures.


In 1974, Robert Wan travelled to Japan, the birthplace of the cultured pearl industry, to meet Professor Sato, a well-known figure in cultured pearl production who had worked with the legendary Kokichi Mikimoto, the pioneer and father of commercial pearl farming. Sato introduced Robert Wan to Mikimoto’s grandson, who promised to be a loyal customer if Robert could produce enough Tahitian pearls of a consistently high quality. They met on the now famous Pearl Island of Toba, in the Japanese prefecture of Mie. Three years later, the entirety of Robert Wan’s first harvest was bought by Mikimoto. Mikimoto was the first to believe in Robert Wan and his Tahitian pearls, and a strong friendship between the two men remains to this day…


Contemporary and modern, the Akila collection is a fashionable and effortless suite for the Robert Wan enthusiast looking to add the natural beauty of pearls to her collection. Featuring Luminous Tahitian pearls proudly presented on 18ct gold.


Exotic and wild, the Muse collection presents glowing mother-of-Pearl and elegant white diamonds alongside the timeless look of Tahitian pearls. Elegant and contemporary, the Muse collection draws on the woman of today.


For this magical collection, Robert Wan collaborated with international designer Zoja Michic to bring a contemporary twist to his Pearl d’Or line with ear jackets earrings, multi-band, and organic, stackable rings. Zoja means ‘life’, and to evoke this, the designers placed keshis – natural pearls – in ‘free’, unconstrained settings, mirrored by subtle diamonds.


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