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Your perfect day deserves an impeccable plan, so we asked wedding planning aficionado, Danny Johnson, for his advice. As MD of Fwd: Events, Danny has encountered and overcome many obstacles leading up to his clients’ weddings – and can even advise on how to avoid any issues on the big day itself.

We’ve secured our dream venue, but the only date available clashes with a major sporting / cultural / local event.

You ultimately have two options here: either embrace it, or change it. It’s always worth researching your chosen date before committing to anything, as even the local town fete could impact on your guests’ transport, accommodation and attendance.

If you’re ready and willing to embrace the fact that your wedding day coincides with the FA Cup Final, you will need to provide guests with a chance to keep up-to-date with all the goings on. Perhaps stream highlights from the game on a screen in a smaller room, or ask one of the groomsmen to keep guests updated on the score. Let’s face it, these are more sociable options and should keep all eyes off smartphones during the speeches.


Our guests aren’t eating any wedding cake.

As with the flowers, your wedding cake is a beautiful part of your day – and, if you’ve had it professionally made, an expensive one.

By the time guests have enjoyed the wedding breakfast, sipped on something sparkling for the speeches and socialised with other guests, they are often too full or preoccupied to appreciate the wedding cake. Even the ‘cake reminder’ photo opportunity of you cutting the cake will not increase the chances of your guests actually eating the cake.

I always recommend pre-empting this before the big day by asking your caterer if they could kindly cut and box the cake for guests to take home with them. An increasing trend that I think works is to have a wedding cake with a fruit cake top tier (which the couple can keep) and then tiers of vanilla sponge cupcakes cascading underneath. This makes it easier to preserve and for the guests to takeaway with them.

As a final note, my top tip for your big day is to remember that weddings are a bit like the theatre. Your guests will never know what goes on behind the scenes, or what was meant to happen, if they feel they have seen the perfect performance in front of them.


Lara Candido

Candi Creations