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Email from management consultancy CEO to launch data analytics subscription service (Good Growth Ltd., London)

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As a business leader, you know that understanding the causes behind your data is key to identifying and explaining complex patterns. Your team can then react appropriately and take actions that drive growth.

But in our experience, many in-house analytics teams fail to include science graduates with rigorous training in data. As well as understanding facts and figures, scientific fields encourage multidimensional thinking to solve problems in new and creative ways. Without this ability to think outside the box, teams risk missing significant differences in data, or even misinterpreting it completely.

That means businesses are wasting valuable resources for minimal ROI.

But finding a dream team of data scientists would be expensive and time-consuming. So, Good Growth is offering a cheap, effortless and reliable solution.

With 4Front – our new monthly subscription service – we’re giving you access to an external team of STEM-graduate data scientists with top-quality training in data. They explore the causes behind your data to give you insightful, unbiased and actionable performance reports for maximising profits and driving significant business growth. The reports you receive focus on your core metrics, and come with clear, comprehensive stories to explain your data. There’s also an online help desk, giving you added support when you need it.

I’m contacting our closest and most respected partners directly so that you can be the first to take advantage of 4Front. Don’t wait for other businesses to use it to get the edge over you.

To register for your free 4Front demonstration, visit https://4front.goodgrowth.co.uk/. I’m certain that you’ll recognise 4Front’s value, and you’ll be glad you didn’t miss out.

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