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Entrepreneur opinion articles for Nesta

About this project

I was the ghostwriter for a series of opinion articles for NESTA’s 2009 booklet ‘How to survive an economic downturn’. This project involved interviewing high profile entrepreneurs to find out their thoughts and advice on how businesses can adapt and thrive during challenging economic conditions.


“I set up my first business, a PR company, in the mid-1990s at the tail-end of an economic downturn. It didn’t even occur to me that I shouldn’t go ahead because of the financial conditions. Maybe it was the naivety of youth but I knew what I wanted to do and just did it. The crash came a few years later, but that was a minnow in comparison to what we’re experiencing now. We knew there’d need to be a simmering down at some point but no-one expected anything like this. The challenge is that we don’t know whether we’ve hit rock bottom yet. When we reach rock bottom, people will start to see a real way out and will make decisions again.