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Evocative product names, stories and descriptions

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Regular copywriting for the fashion and luxury goods brand Shanghai Tang, which is based in Hong Kong and is part of the Richemont group. The sample copy shown opposite was written for a new collection of candles inspired by the Silk Road. The project involved naming each candle, and weaving a 'story' around the different scents and locations.


The Silk Road Candle Collection

Collection description:

The rich and varied culture of the Silk Road is captured in this collection of three scented candles, celebrating the ancient trade route that brought East and West together. The exchange of ideas and cultural traditions was as integral part of the journey, which took travellers across wild and exotic landscapes, from rugged mountains to deserts and bustling cities.

Scent 1: Joy

Inspired by the Chinese gateway to the Silk Road, Joy has an uplifting fragrance. With notes of ylang-ylang and ginger, it reflects the joy and optimism of travellers as they set forth on an extraordinary adventure towards the West. The cloud motif, in auspicious yellow, is traditionally associated with good luck.

Scent 2: Harmony

Harmony evokes the romance of the journey through sweeping desert landscapes, with starry skies at night and exotic new scents hanging in the air. Citrus top notes mingle with rose, orris and jasmine, and more earthy tones in the background. The design on both candle and box is inspired by the wave patterns formed in sand.

Scent 3: Peace

Peace signifies the end of a long journey, and taking time to relax and reflect on a voyage of discovery. The candle has a spicy fragrance with soothing base notes that help create a relaxing environment. The abstract pattern is inspired by the architecture and mosaics found at this meeting point between East and West.