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Exhibition backdrop for Action on Hearing Loss campaign

1920s The Speakeasy

 “Will somebody do me a favor and get me home by eleven sometime? And see that nobody gives a party while I am catching up. I do so hate to miss anything.”

Lois Long, aka Lipstick, The New Yorker 

In Prohibition-era America, illegal drinking dens called speakeasies spring up everywhere. Their mission? To lubricate the Age of Jazz by serving up a heady cocktail of…

Bootleg liquor – good, bad and lethal, and flappers jitterbugging on the tables till dawn

A stiff chaser of organised crime, police raids, flying bottles and broken windows, but— 

1933, booze legalised. Yes, it was mad, bad and glam, but, sadly, every party must end 

So, bye-bye to all that? Not quite. You see, not even the repeal of Prohibition can banish… 

The ear-splitting, evening-shattering NOISE! Almost a century later, it’s still with us 

Speak Easy 2017

As we head towards the 2020s, NOISE is fast becoming a customer turn-off. The time has come to experience the benefits of better-sounding restaurants…

Buck the stay-at-home trend 40%+ opt for a takeaway because noisy venues put them off

Increased spend 75% would pay more for a quieter dining experience

Higher footfall 76% would dine out more if venues were quieter

Better dining experience Studies show loud music inhibits the perception of flavour

Want to improve your customer experience? Freshen your ideas with our Speak Easy menu 


“The difference in noise levels has been tremendous. It all seems a lot calmer and guests can now hear each other speak.”

Christopher Moore, CEO, The Clink Restaurant 


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