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Exporting for business

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Creating content to support a Sage and UK Government Department of Trade and Industry campaign to encourage small businesses to export goods and services. I visited trade shows and spoke to experts and small businesses to gather information and wrote case studies, blogs and guides which were published online and distributed as part of a UK-wide bus tour. The example is a blog post which consolidates much of the content.


Exporting for small businesses: 10 Top Tips

Thinking about exporting as a small business can seem a bit daunting – there’s lots to learn, and you still have a business to run. But lots of UK businesses are making a success of trading overseas, and there’s plenty of help and advice on hand. Follow our top tips to exporting with your small business.

1. Develop your networks

You don’t have to be an expert to start exporting – you just have to know a good place to start. Build up your network of people who can help and advise you. UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) is a good place to start. They have a team of local and industry specific advisors happy to share their experience and knowledge, and they can help you connect with other professionals too.

HM Revenue and Customs can advise on things like licenses and taxes, while the Intellectual Property Officecan give you advice on protecting your IP rights. Other sources of help include your bank, accountant and lawyer.


Exporting for small businesses_ 10 Top Tips