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Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

With Father’s Day around the corner again, it’s time to start thinking about what you could possibly get Pops this year. We’ve made it easy with a selection of man-friendly gifts chosen by someone who knows exactly what he would want: er, a woman. Let’s have a look…


  • Newby Oolong Collection

This sleek quartet of caddies doesn’t just look the business, it contains some of our very finest quality teas. Even if he hasn’t got a clue what oolong tea is, the old man is sure to enjoy the subtle aromas and rich tastes of High Mountain and Four Seasons Spring. And, of course, saying ‘Dong Ding’ in a Leslie Phillips voice.



  • Adam Handling Tasting Menu

Forever being regaled with tales of Dad’s latest culinary triumphs? Kitchen cupboards overflowing with edamame beans and quinoa? If he fancies himself as something of a foodie, he will love what’s on offer on Adam Handling’s signature tasting menu. Take him along to The Caxton in London and you can both enjoy the delights of wild bass, truffle, crab doughnuts and a whole lot more, skilfully prepared by the MasterChef Pro finalist and his team. 11 courses, you say? Challenge accepted…



  • Montblanc Pen and Pocket Holder

Prompt some reminiscences about the good old days before ‘Chip & Pin’ was invented by giving him this leather credit card holder with a matching pen, ideal for signing things 10 years ago. Be warned that, depending on Dad’s vintage, this could easily lead to lengthy nostalgic musings about pound notes, the halfpenny, decimalisation and how no one uses cheques any more.



  • Paul Smith Car Cufflinks

Add a little action to Pater’s wrists with these 3D car cufflinks, modelled on the classic British Mini. Unlike the one he may have driven in the 70s, this Mini has a stripy coloured roof. Unlike your Dad in the 70s – if that photo album is anything to go by – the Mini is cool again. Seriously, that shirt…



  • Ted Baker Wallet

Here’s another place he can stash his cards, and cash – a snazzy tan leather wallet from Ted Baker, each one embossed with a quote from the man himself. This one says, ‘You get out what you put in’. Ironically, Ted clearly doesn’t understand the concept of ATMs.



  • Royal Oud Eau de Parfum by Creed

If that bottle of Hai Karate is finally starting to run low, you could treat Dad to this top-end fragrance, which owes its rich woodiness to the Indian agarwood tree. Scent of choice with heads of state and men of taste, make sure he also takes note of its, er, notes of Calabrian lemon, pink berry and Sicilian bergamot. Just £700 a bottle! Yeah, splash it all over…



  • Tissot Watch

As Swiss as the Army knife, yodelling and Sepp Blatter, Tissot watches are unfailingly stylish and never go out of fashion. Timeless, you could say (is this a joke? – Ed.) Certainly a suitable piece of arm candy for an old classic you can always rely on.



  • Aviator Classic Ray-Bans

Give Dad the air of a celebrity with a pair of iconic Ray-Ban Aviators. A quick internet search shows that pretty much every well-known name has been spotted in a pair of these at one time or another, so if father’s at that awkward life-stage where he wants to be Brad Pitt, Simon Cowell or Jennifer Aniston, maybe you just need to embrace it.



  • Truefitt & Hill Shaving Kit

It would be nice to think Dad spent 20 minutes each day using a top-quality blade and a badger-hair brush to de-whisker himself, but chances are it’s a blunt disposable from a supermarket pack of 5 he’s repeatedly dragging over his chops of a morn. Hardly ‘The Best a Man Can Get’, so why not brighten up that dull but necessary ritual with this baby, which comes with a little bowl made of steel and chrome. Comes in ebony, ivory and, erm, ‘horn’. Whatever that is…



  • Supercar Driving Experience at Silverstone

Is Dad itching to unleash his inner Jeremy Clarkson, Noel Edmonds or – gulp – Chris Evans? It’ll be vroom, vroom and, indeed, vroom again if you let him loose on this Supercar Driving Experience at Silverstone. He can test out car-y things like ‘power’, ‘dynamics’ and ‘handling’ on a Ferrari F430 Coupe and an Aston Martin V8, although, frankly, we’re more interested in the free coffee and breakfast bap on the early morning sessions. Our tip: have it afterwards.


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