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Pregnancy supplement Femibion

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Website content for, aimed at women who are either planning a pregnancy, already pregnant or new mums. Topics range from diet, health and lifestyle advice to practical information helping women make key decisions on areas such as parental leave, feeding and childcare. Femibion is a supplement brand produced by Merck, which supports women from before conception to the end of breastfeeding.


Is it normal for me to want time alone in the first weeks after my baby’s birth?

After the amazing high following the birth of your baby, you’ve probably come back down to earth again fairly quickly. Don’t worry – this is perfectly normal for new mums. It’s partly due to the drop in levels of pregnancy hormones, affecting your mood, and partly because being a new mum can be, well, pretty challenging in the early days.

Trying to establish a feeding routine, learning to understand your baby’s cries and coming to terms with your responsibilities as a parent – all on reduced sleep – are no mean feats, so give yourself a big pat on the back for everything you’ve achieved so far.

Wonderful as your new little bundle is, it’s perfectly understandable if you want a spot of time to yourself at this stage, so you certainly shouldn’t feel guilty.