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With Foretrack VEHICLE and Foretrack VEHICLE PRO you can track your vehicles in real time using your computer, your tablet, or your phone.

See the location of your vehicles update automatically on Google or Bing maps, and receive e-mail or SMS alerts when you’re away from your desk.

Our smart tracking devices adjust how frequently they report their location according to where and how the vehicles are being driven, so you’ll always get an accurate picture of where they are.

Replay activity

You can replay whole days or just individual trips and follow vehicle movements on a map. A simple visual summary of daily activity also makes it easy to see what a vehicle has been up to on a given day.

Who’s nearest?

A question that most businesses with vehicles or remote workers need to answer at some point is “Who’s nearest?”. A vehicle might need to be diverted to make an important collection, or an employee may need help or assistance. Simply enter the address and we’ll answer the question for you.

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