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Franchise Pack for Johnson Gardening Services

About this project

August/September 2016 Client planning to franchise their garden business. Had hit writer's block in producing it herself. Employed me to get the basis of a franchise pack written out. She then tweaked it with some input of her own and sent it back to me to proof-edit. She was delighted with the cooperation between us and the end product.


Some kind words from the client:

‘I could tell when we first met that you understood where I was coming from and proof of that was shown in how spot on the first draft was! I honestly couldn’t have asked for better.

I’ll be honest with you. I did also get a quote from a fella who owns a copywriting company in Brighton. I originally met him at a business event last year and thought I’d approach him as well and spoke to him on the phone a couple of hours before I met you in the Outlet Centre.  We chatted and I believe he also understood my needs and said he’d get a quote over to me later that day. I then met you and instantly felt you were right. I didn’t need to wait for his quote because the decision was made! You might not have had the same experience as him in his swanky office but I genuinely felt you got me and understood how to convey our large business mentality with the care that a small local business brings. You got the balance between providing information and sales copy absolutely right and I honestly believe with every fibre of my being that he wouldn’t have been able to produce anything better than the fabulous work you did and yet his quote had an extra zero on the end! It wasn’t about money (although I did nearly need an ambulance when his quote came through) but about finding the right person and you were it!