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Hello, I’m Hayley. I’m a British English translator, proofreader, pre-recorded and live subtitler and respeaking trainer.

If you want to

  • Communicate with a wide audience: English speakers, foreigners, language learners and the deaf and hard of hearing

  • Help your audience engage with, follow and remember your content

  • Represent yourself, your business or your organisation as professional, credible and inclusive

I can help.


Translation and Revision

Share your Spanish education or academic text with an English-speaking audience.


Proofreading and Editing

Remove errors and improve the clarity and style of your English document.


Pre-Recorded Subtitling

Make your content accessible to English speakers, the deaf and hard of hearing, hearing and foreign audiences with English subtitling.


Live Subtitling via Respeaking

Ensure your live event is free from language and sensory barriers.


I felt more confident knowing my script was perfect”

Hayley has translated many of my presentations from Spanish into English. Giving a presentation can be a scary experience, but I felt more confident knowing that my English script was perfect. Hayley always delivers her work on time, or even earlier. Great for my urgent deadlines!”

David Méndez, social scientist

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Why work with me?


Put your project in the hands of an expert. I’m a qualified British English translator and proofreader. I have a PhD in respeaking. I’ve been subtitling for six years and frequently subtitle content for Netflix and Amazon Prime.


You value inclusivity, I’ve dedicated my career to it. Let me help you make your work accessible without hindering access to your existing audience.


Unlike an agency, you’ll get my undivided attention. Expect regular updates and feel free to ask me questions any time before, during or after our project.


My creative and nuanced approach ensures your target audience’s experience is clear, consistent and enjoyable.


You’ll know I’ve done my best work when you can’t even tell I was there. Your subtitles are seamless, your translation spot-on.

The result


Present the best version of yourself and watch your work open doors for you. Whether it’s better academic grades, job offers or business growth.


Your message understood with your original intent across borders and sensory barriers.


Quality translation or subtitles improve your audience’s understanding, memory and engagement.


By making your content more accessible you gain more viewers, followers and subscribers.


Align your content with your inclusive values and stand ahead of your competitors.


2020 saw us adapt to remote working and learning. Offering diverse access to your content has never been more important.


Help make the world a more inclusive place. Learn the skills you need to become a professional subtitler or respeaker in training designed to suit you.


Learn how to become a subtitler. With the remarkable growth of online content, subtitling is an in-demand skill. Learn intralingual (same language) or interlingual (from one language to another) subtitling and help make audiovisual content accessible to all.


Respeaking is in high demand and right now there’s a lack of skilled professionals to help. Train to become an intralingual (same language) or interlingual (from one language to another) live subtitler and offer your services to broadcasters, user associations and educational institutions.

Learn as an individual or part of a group, or hire me to train staff in your organisation. I also offer one-off guest lectures, seminars and workshops for institutions and businesses.

During COVID-19, all training is online.

Hayley’s expertise as a live subtitling trainer was an invaluable support”

Hayley’s solid experience and expertise as a live subtitling trainer and researcher became an invaluable support throughout the respeaking course. She skillfully guided us on how to best understand the needs of the deaf and hard of hearing community to provide top-notch live subtitles. The courses provide an amazing space for practice and development.”

Graciela Cuello, owner of Connections Servicios Idiomáticos

Hayley helped me produce the best possible results”

“Hayley has been a key part of my respeaking training, helping me to reinforce and align my skillset to produce the best possible results.”

Ignacio Urrutia, director of Tradurrutia.com

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