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From the online guide for bereaved parents (http://www.funeralpartners.co.uk/when-someone-dies/cherishing-your-childs-memory):

Every child’s funeral is unique
As every child and every family is different, so there is no right or wrong way to hold a child’s funeral. Some families prefer to mark their child’s passing privately, others like to bring together everyone who knew their child.

Some families are comforted by their traditions and religious beliefs, others create their own ceremony to reflect their family’s way of life.

A child’s funeral may be quiet and reflective, or full of music and laughter, or it may combine silent contemplation and joyous celebration in one ceremony. What’s important is that the funeral you plan for your child feels right to you.

We’ll help you create a funeral that reflects your child’s life and your family: we’ll ask you to tell us about your child, and we’ll listen.

We’ll ask about your lives together. We’ll share our experience, and together we’ll plan a funeral that remembers your child in the way that you would like.

That’s what matters.

Creating your own ceremony
If you would like to create your own ceremony, here are some ideas that have helped other families.

Choose your child’s favourite music
Read poems, stories and prayers
Take photos or make a video of the funeral
Invite mourners to come up to the coffin to say goodbye
Create your own online memorial
Show a video or photos of special times you spent together
Speak yourself, or ask someone to read something you’ve written about your child
Ask family or friends to speak about your child
Place objects that were special to your child around the coffin
Ask mourners to dress in your child’s favourite colour
Release balloons or doves at the end of the service
Or you can do something quite different, that perfectly reflects your child’s life and helps you to remember them


Sarah Butler