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Sample blog post: Adam Simmonds is a successful optometrist who runs a private practice in London, known for his ‘’combination of location, friendly service, innovative interior design’’ and it was his interior design that we got to be a part of. Working with the client we came up with a concept that would not only look great but would actively reinforce the company’s focus and ethos by providing frameless glass shelving for his store. Glass shelving is an excellent way to display products, the cool clean lines of the glass look professional whilst also ensuring that your product can be viewed from all angles. The added benefit of using glass to promote eyewear is that it very subtly reinforced the clients primary focus. We are very proud of our work with the Adam Simmonds shop fitting and would love to discuss with you what we can do for you. find out more about our services and what we can do for you by visiting our website.

Greg Whittle