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The World on Your Wrist

After 30 years of creating GPS-powered technology, Garmin’s latest objective is freedom; to help people fi nd their way, travel lighter, and achieve their goals

From paying for coffee to exploring a new city with confi dence, we spoke to Marcus Bjärneroth, Nordic Marketing Director for Garmin, to discover how life on the go is getting smarter and simpler from a wearable perspective. FITNESS AND FREEDOM From strolling the streets of an unknown city and shopping with family, to shaking off jet-lag by jogging, Garmin’s range of fi tness applications make it easy to keep on top of your health. “Freedom for me is lacing my running shoes, walking straight out of the hotel, feeling the sun on my face and letting Forerunner 645 Music show me the way,” explains Bjärneroth. “We see that more people want their regular life and exercise to blend seamlessly. In 2018, active people want a watch that looks good, is durable and helps the user beat yesterday’s achivements, while also assisting them as they seek to improve both day and night,” says Bjärneroth. “I think the watch of 2018 should do more than tell the time and date. We live in an interconnected world, the things around us always interacting. Why shouldn’t our watches?” Garmin allows users to explore cities, the countryside and the unknown completely carefree, to the beat of their own soundtrack. With step and stair counts, LiveTrack (an app that helps friends and family to track your progress) and built-in heart rate monitors, a delicate balance is achieved between an active lifestyle and a calm mind. LIFE ON THE GO Whether it’s work or play, life’s always better when put to music. The latest developments in Garmins Vivoactive, Forerunner and Fenix mean users can save up to 500 MP3 tracks on the device, a perfect playlist for life on the go. Moreover, the devices help you pay effortlessly, and safely, with Garmin Pay. As cash becomes something of a forgotten custom, card-holders can still lose vital access to funds by misplacing a wallet. “With the ‘payment’ on the wrist, we get a safe and faster payment process,” Bjärneroth says of the watches. “Paying with your watch is both convenient and secure. Simply enter a security code on the watch, which lasts for 24 hours, or until the watch leaves your wrist,” he adds. Even on the beach, Garmin’s Fenix watches are water resistant up to 10 ATM; ideal for a trip away, when heading straight from the water to buy an ice cream or taking the family to lunch as a treat. The lifestyle innovations of Vivoactive, Forerunner and Fenix make it easy to combine what you need when travelling in one stylish and smart device. STYLE The locking bar mechanism was once little more than a technical application to ensure the device remained fi xed during running and training, but Garmin has changed all this. Today, it embodies personal expression, letting you customise your look easily; from the strap to the watch face itself. “Personalisation is getting more and more important to express who you are. With a simple push of a button on a Garmin watch, you can hook and change straps to other materials or colours, change from analog to digital with different data fi elds and also create your own watch face using your own photos,” says Bjärneroth. Smartwatch technology is fuelling a simpler way to travel, creating a seamless and stylish journey anywhere in the world thanks to GPS connection and an innovative approach to creating unique products. Put simply, Garmin watches allow you to leave behind cash and cards and travel with ease. Whether rushing between meetings, exploring a new city or getting out and about in nature, these watches simplify travel, helping you maintain an active lifestyle, enjoy a fulfilling experience while away and exceed.

Detective Work

Airthings CTO Erlend Bolle speaks about his ambitious plans to get radon detectors in every home.

Did you know that every year in the US six times as many people die from radon exposure than house fi res and carbon monoxide poisoning combined? Exposure to the gas is fatal to around 21,000 people in the US and another 21,000 in the EU yearly, making it a serious – and understated – health threat. Today, it’s unthinkable to live in a home without a smoke alarm. Norwegian technology fi rm Airthings believes it’s the same for radon detectors, and works to raise awareness of the importance of monitoring radon levels. “We wanted to use our experience and knowledge for the everyday consumer,” says CTO Erlend Bolle. Many of the team spent years working at the CERN institute in Geneva, he says, and are now applying their expertise to the consumer market, in a slowly changing fi eld. “Radon detection was a fi eld that hadn’t changed for 30 years,” says Bolle. “It was still very much relying on analogue methods.” This often meant monitoring radon levels for two to three months before sending the results to be analysed in a laboratory. Since 2011, Airthings has sold portable, batteryoperated digital radon detectors, a huge shift from the cumbersome laboratory process which not only takes a long time to gain results, but is also unable to monitor air quality continuously. Now, with an Airthings radon detector, it’s easy and quick to monitor radon levels and take immediate action to improve ventilation and minimise risks. This includes simple steps such as “opening windows and sealing cracks in the foundation to prevent gas entering the home.” By knowing the risks posed by poor air quality and monitoring levels of radon, you can reduce the threats to your health and that of your family. “On average, we spend 90 per cent of our time in our homes, workplaces and schools,” says Bolle, adding that overall health and productivity levels improve with good indoor air quality. Bolle explains that Airthings is now shifting its focus to improving air quality for everyone, throughout Norwegian society and beyond. “We’re a little company on a big mission: to improve global health.” airthings.com


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