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GEMS Nations Academy

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The brief was to create a short, promotional film to show to prospective parents of the GEMS Nations Academy, the newest campus in the GEMS network. The client had a very strong academic network and brand identity, and I worked collaboratively with our creative team to establish a narrative that conveyed their core values and messaging. Our film portrays young people as curious, engaged future leaders. I worked with the Creative Director on establishing the narrative approach to the client, setting up an ambitious two day shoot in Dubai, casting talent and script editing the client voice over script for a better flow. Film link:


Gems Nations Academy will provide an unmatched Lead Teacher – Co Teacher model for teaching and learning, with faculty recruited from some of the world’s leading teacher training colleges, such as Harvard University, and Columbia. It is a rigorous selection process: over 90,000 applications are received by the GEMS Education Network each year. Nations teachers will not only be dedicated and passionate about their field, but they will create a learning experience for students that will cultivate creativity, spirit of innovation, digital fluency, global awareness and a toolkit of 21st Century that will serve them well in college and beyond.