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InvestCloud Private Banking Platform™ – Pillar 5

Pillar 5: Proven digital strategy with Open Wealth Architecture. Leverage a technology platform with unparalleled global exposure and modular architecture, providing reliable agility and rapid delivery, allowing clients to thrive today and tomorrow.


Our series of New Think articles concludes its description of the five pillars of InvestCloud’s Private Banking Platform. Pillar Five, our final one, is Proven Digital Strategy with Open Wealth Architecture.



Through their digital journey, from first steps to full digitization, private banks need reliability. Our platform delivers from a foundation of rock-solid, industry-specific, technology that’s ready to build on incrementally and with agility. We accelerate the digital journey, keeping pace with evolving market opportunities and challenges and helping future proof the bank’s business. Our open and configurable approach allows us to reflect bank strategy with high fidelity. And our modular architecture is proven in the demanding and specialized private banking environment.



This environment is cosmopolitan. To meet the needs of multi-national, multi-cultural client service, our platform accommodates multiple jurisdictions, languages, alphabets, and scripts, all with equally high levels of support and accuracy. Today, our technology is used in more than 40 countries. This global exposure is unparalleled. For international institutions, it means we are already at the top of the learning curve when we engage with their digital journey.


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