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Ghostwriting – Never Say Di

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I was commissioned to ghostwrite the memoir for a client with dyslexia. She had recently been diagnosed with cancer, so time was pressing - a true 'deadline'. We completed the work in under four months; self-publishing an e-book on Amazon and a softcover book on Blurb. I conducted the interviews and wrote 52k words. I worked with a designer to add photos and format the manuscript. Di was able to see the finished book, though she says she is the only author never to have read her own book, due to her dyslexia. Instead, her friends read it to her. She was tickled pink with the book and the 5-star reviews. Her aim was to give hope and to inspire. I hope you'll agree that she succeeded.


The blurb:
A tale of childhood hardship, lifelong friendships, adventures on a Vespa, lashings of G&T and even being recruited as a spy for the drug squad.

Di’s memoir describes how she overcomes bereavement and dyslexia to carve out a career as a pioneering nurse. After working and travelling on four continents, she eventually finds the love of her life and in a bitter twist now faces health battles of her own.

There’s love, hope and optimism on every page – a book to inspire.’


Never Say Di - Preview