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Ghostwritten eBooks for LEO Learning

It can be easy to approach workplace learning as an entirely new entity.

However, in order to design truly effective learning journeys, we have to look at how people are already learning. One of the reasons that blended learning is so effective is that it includes a variety of ways to learn and participate as well as to contextualize and personalize the experience.

Ultimately, you can set as many learning and business objectives as you like. But without a real understanding of how your people already learn, where will it get you?

Opportunities to Practice Are Key

One of the most important parts of any learning process is the opportunity to put your theoretical knowledge into practice.

Learning about something from an eLearning module, in a classroom, or a conversation with your line manager is one thing. But you won’t really know how well the information has sunk in until it’s time to take some action and your learners have had the opportunity to adapt their learnings to brand new situations.

On top of that, putting learning into practice early on in the learning process actually improves information retention and transfer of learning into the workplace. Muscle memory and repetition of tasks are incredibly important to move information from our short-term to our long-term memory and keep the information ingrained in our behavior.

Whether you’re training a colleague to restock items on a shop floor, a bank employee to detect financial crime, or a sales team to improve its client relation skills, it’s important to combine the practical with the theoretical in any blended learning program.

Access to the eBooks

Through this link, you can find four eBooks I either ghostwrote or edited ready for publication in 2021:

– The 5-Stage Model for Hyrbid Learning (writing)
– Making Blended Work (writing)
– Be Brilliant on a Budget (editing)
– Preparing for the Future of Workplace Learning (writing)


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