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Gold Care Professionals: Brochure copywriting & design | logo design | website copywriting | advertorial copywriting | advert copywriting & design

About this project

NEED: Goldcare Professionals is an independent homecare provider led by an experienced industry specialist. The founder approached Marcom Words for a logo and brochure to present the new firm with a very positive image, which was to be deliberately distinct from the traditional ‘nurses in overalls’ image. ACTION: The client proposed the idea of a bold and appealing ‘butterfly and flowers’ motif for the new Goldcare logo, to appeal to a broad user spectrum. This included people with disabilities, sensory impairment, dementia, learning difficulties and the elderly. An elegant logo design was produced to meet the criteria and engage with the audience. Proposing a lead title of ‘Care for independent living’, copywriting for an 8-page A4 brochure was produced, largely based on one face-to-face interview with the founder. Marcom Words also managed the brochure design, ensuring careful consideration was given to photo selection and sensitive use of colour. Marcom Words was subsequently commissioned to write the copy for Goldcare’s new website, which was to take its key design cues from the logo and brochure design work. To support the company launch, an advertorial for the local press was also written along with a half-page print advert. IMPACT: Goldcare Professionals has been very well received in its target geographical area and has grown steadily since launch. The total customer-facing approach the company has taken, with respect to copywriting, logo design and choice of positive and vibrant imagery has received significant praise among its new client base.


Home really is where the heart is. It’s a place for family and friends, cherished memories, our prized possessions. The safe haven we return to when the day is done. Our wellbeing can depend on it.


All of us want to remain independent, to enjoy a lifestyle the way it’s always been. Sometimes though, a little extra care and support is needed to help us remain in the place we love the most, to help us carry on doing the things we love to do.


Goldcare Professionals provides the personalised care and support services that people – young and old – need to stay active and happy, healthy and safe, both in the home and outside in the local community.


Care and support that’s compassionate, flexible and that respects an individual’s needs and wishes – let Goldcare bring it home to you.


Gold Care 8 page Brochure Marcom Words