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Goods Proposal Letter for Decore Furnishings

Decore’s first line is called Ecoalpaca. Thus the journey begins in Peru, where the collection has been made and dedicated to the “Gold of the Andes”, the wool of the ancient Inca animal – alpaca. The alpaca inhabits the Andes of Bolivia and Peru. It’s the high altitude and fresh air that the alpaca lives on that
makes  its  wool  so  perfect.  The  fibre  is  strong,  which  makes  garments  last  longer.  It  has  great resistance to stretching and rolling, and has a silky touch that lasts a long time. We see buying one of our  alpaca  made  products  as  an  investment.  The  Ecoalpaca  collection  is  made  from  100%  finest Peruvian  baby  alpaca,  utilizing  ancient textile customs,  and  made  on  traditional  handlooms  by professional hand weavers from a small community in Peru.





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