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Guest blog: Sustainable Restaurant Association. ‘8 Ways to Attract and Keep New Restaurant Talent’

8 Ways to Attract and Keep New Restaurant Talent

By Abbie Pullman and Tom Alabaster

Antisocial, relentless hours; 365 days a year; the chef will probably shout at you until you cry…that’s the common perception of the restaurant trade! We all know that’s NOT true, so how do we engage the next generation and encourage them to choose a life in hospitality?

Our first job is to bring our own industry stories to life, remember where we all began, and shout about why we’re all still in this incredible industry!

So here are our tips to engage with Talent that will stay in your business and help you grow bigger and better:

  1. Target the right people and be transparent when you’re hiring: This industry isn’t for everyone and needs resilience, good humour, and a yearning for learning. By asking behavioural interview questions (rather than focusing purely on previous experience), you’ll also discover the values and attitude of your interviewees.
  2. Emphasise the whole package: Money is important, but it isn’t the only factor…

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