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Health article for Woman’s Own magazine

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Woman's Own Health & Beauty special commissioned this report style feature about the trend for googling symptoms. Featuring expert comment, it explores the potential dangers and offers advice on using the internet to find out about medical matters.


Is Dr Google bad for your health?

More of us are turning to the internet to check out our health. Will it be the death of us?

Noticed nagging stomach pains or a strange blemish on your skin? If you have, you’ll probably want to know the cause. But these days, the local GP isn’t always the first port of call. We’re just as likely to pick up our phones and start frantically googling.

A recent report says that 21.8 per cent of us are using the net to diagnose our aches and pains, because we can’t get a GP’s appointment. What’s more, nearly half of us would rather enjoy a lie-in than go to the doctor’s surgery.

The study, by on-demand video GP service, reflects what GPs see every day, but is Dr Google damaging our health?

‘It’s a very British thing. We’re so embarrassed by a lot of different problems, and googling seems easier than seeing a doctor,’ says Liverpool GP….


Is Dr Google bad for you health?