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Heart Matters, Jan/Feb 2013


I love New Year. The beginning of something new, whether it’s a job, relationship or year, brings with it the chance to start afresh. No wonder so many of us make New Year’s resolutions, even though they often don’t last until the end of the month.

So for a great kickstart to 2013, we’ve put together a New Year, New You themed issue to help you make happy, healthy lifestyle changes that are realistic and sustainable. On page 14, we suggest ‘5 heart-smart resolutions’ with practical advice to help you achieve them. If one of your aims for the year is to lose weight, you might be surprised – and pleased – to hear that the best way to shed those excess pounds for good is not to go on a diet (see page 26), while those of you who aren’t fans of the gym might be glad to know that dancing counts as a cardiovascular workout. See page 31 to find a type to suit you.

But it’s not just physical activity that’s good for you. Learning something new can do wonders for your wellbeing, confidence and social life. ‘Be a class act’ (page 36) is full of ideas that will give your old grey matter a workout – and hopefully ignite a new passion – while ‘Net benefits’ explains how to use technology to boost your health and lifestyle. Not online? Turn to page 40 to find out how easy it is to get connected.

And talking of new, we’re very proud to introduce our cover star and new BHF Chair, Professor Barbara Casadei (page 10), who tells us all about her vital research into atrial fibrillation, plus how she stays in shape.

Happy New Year!


Madeleine Bailey



Madeleine Bailey


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