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Helen Sanderson Associates: Think About Your Life website

About this project

Helen Sanderson Associates is a social enterprise​. I've been working with them on books, reports and blogs since 2013. The Think About Your Life project helps people to deal with terminal, long-term and chronic illness and major life changes - and the website makes the approach available to anyone, anywhere. Helen Sanderson asked me to review the existing website and propose the best way to make it work better for users. I went back to the drawing board and redesigned the site's structure to make it simpler and more logical. I generated new copy for every page and worked with the designer and web developer to create a completely new, fully interactive and easy-to-use site in time for its launch in May 2014 - only five months from my initial review of the old site.


From the main landing page:

Our practical thinking tools help you take a step back and think clearly about your life.

They can help if your life feels unbalanced, crisis-ridden, or out of control. Many people have used them to take charge of their lives at a time of illness or major change.

They are free, safe and easy to use.

You can use our thinking tools in two ways. Some people choose to follow one of our journeys, in which we’ve mapped out the thinking tools other people have found useful, for example in living with cancer, or thinking about the end of their life.

Others prefer to pick individual thinking tools that suit the situation they are in right now.

However you use our thinking tools, you’ll find plenty of help every step of the way.