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Hilton Waldorf Astoria

A History of Sophistication

The year is 1893. An ornate clock ticks. Once the centerpiece of the World’s Columbia Exposition in Chicago, the clock now takes pride of place in New York’s new Waldorf Hotel.

1897. The clock ticks. A marble promenade spans the first Peacock Alley to link The Waldorf with her sister The Astoria. A legend is born.

1929. A new icon is raised above New York – The Empire State Building. To accommodate this piece of history, the Waldorf Astoria writes a new chapter. The tallest hotel in the world is a triumph of art deco splendor towering above Park Avenue, the relocated ornate clock a meeting place for those heading into the four story Grand Ballroom.

2017. Heads of state, captains of industry, illustrious artists and society’s elite flock to the Waldorf Astoria’s global locations. More join us every day.

The clock ticks on.



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