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IEC 61511 Compliant Proof Testing Procedures – Case Study

About this project

Following a review of safety instrumented system (SIS) proof test procedures, as part of a maintenance audit, BG Group decided to overhaul the methodology used in compiling the procedures to ensure compliance with IEC 61511. BG Group commissioned Genesis Oil & Gas Consultants to undertake the work and tasked them with developing an approach to meet the requirements of IEC 61511 whilst ensuring consistency in the structure and content of future procedures together with Regulatory compliance.


“The Challenge – At the beginning of the project, Genesis sat down with BG Group Engineers to discuss concerns with the current situation and what the BG Group goals and objectives were to achieve a satisfactory outcome. It was clear from the discussion that the overall goal was to have a SIS proof testing regime that met the requirements of IEC 61511 (Functional safety – Safety instrumented systems for the process industry sector) and in doing so satisfied the expectations of the Regulator (the Health and Safety Executive – HSE).”