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ingenie Young Driver Report

About this project

Report on 250 million miles of telematics data for ingenie, a young driver insurance brand. The aim was to present the facts about how young people drive as individuals against how historical statistics say they drive. We also wanted the government to commit to investigating telematics as a way to help young drivers stay safe and get more affordable insurance. Following the launch of the report, the government announced that it would be commissioning research into telematics, which ingenie agreed to support with its own data.


ingenie fits a black box about the size of a smartphone out of sight in the customer’s car. It provides high-quality data – allowing quick and accurate assessment of driving behaviour. This speed and accuracy is what lets ingenie identify customers who are ‘a crash waiting to happen’ – and get in touch with all the information needed to identify their specific issues and help them change.


ingenie Young Driver Report 2014