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Insight Financial Advice: Brochure copywriting and design | e-shot copywriting and design | website SEO copywriting

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NEED: Insight Financial Advice provides independent, unbiased financial advice to businesses and private individuals in the South West of England. They need to advise clients on meeting the statutory requirements of the UK government’s new workplace pension scheme, in a way that is engaging and easily understood. ACTION: Following a brainstorming session with the Insight Founders, Marcom Words proposed to build a communications strategy around a theme of ‘making it easy : workplace pensions in four simple steps’. Referring to The Pensions Regulator’s guidance notes for employers and Insight’s existing client agreement documentation, clear and concise copywriting for a helpful 4-page A5 brochure was produced. This would enable a more targeted response to unsolicited enquiries and support on-going direct sales activity. Breaking a complex process down into just 4 steps, the brochure would also emphasise the real service benefits to be gained from the approach. Having specified and project managed the graphic design and layout of the new brochure, Marcom Words went on to produce a personalised html e-shot to support Insight’s proactive e-marketing of the 4-step workplace pension service. Copywriting for the company’s existing workplace pension website page was then also updated, to reflect the new communications strategy, and to optimise it for search, based on keyphrase research conducted by Marcom Words. In line with the campaign’s engaging, personalised approach, professional photography of Insight’s financial advisers was commissioned and individual biographical pages added to the website. IMPACT: Insight’s ‘four simple steps’ campaign has been praised, by both existing and prospective clients, for simplifying and clarifying the workplace pension process and responsibilities. Anecdotal evidence also suggests that it has succeeded in taking away much of the ‘fear factor’ associated with the new legislation. Interestingly, the Insight campaign went live at a time which coincided with the government’s new ‘Workie Dancing’ workplace pensions TV advert, promoting as its key message: ‘if you need to offer one, we’ll help you through the steps…”


As a business owner, you care about your business and the welfare of its staff, no question. Finding the time to arrange a workplace pension and auto-enrolment is a real challenge though. That’s where we can help.


Working with small and medium-sized businesses throughout the South West, Insight Financial Advice provides you with all the services you’ll need to meet the Pension Regulator’s new legal requirements.


A complex, time-consuming process broken down into four simple steps – just leave it to us. We’ll make sure you comply in no time at all.


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