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Instructions for new hearing aid



Getting used to your new device: a little patience might be needed


Your device arrives and you can’t wait to try it out.  We know that and include batteries so you can fit it straight away.


But let’s take a quick step back.  When you had full hearing capacity, your ears amplified sound but your brain interpreted the sounds.  It’s the same when you get a new hearing device: your brain has to learn.  XXX has used state-of-the–art technology and cutting edge software to produce not just amplified sound, but a rich range of sound – but your brain has to get used to it and it might take a little time.


This is still better than going back and forth to the hearing clinic; you can adjust your device yourself in the comfort of your own home.  This facility is unique to xxx. It is so worth it as you will notice not just amplified sound – which old style hearing aids used to do – but a richness and depth of tone that you might never have thought possible.


How does the personalization work?


Simply making things louder or quieter is often not helpful, as there are different frequencies – high, low, mid sounds – and you may need to have less of one and more of the other.  This varies from person to person and from ear to ear!  So the xxx makes a profile of your hearing, taking into account your responses, using an algorithm developed by the National Acoustic Laboratories and bearing in mind your age and gender.  It’s all clever stuff.  You can adjust it at any time.



What if I struggle with the personalization?


There is qualified support on hand to help if you have any technical issues, but the xxx has been designed to make life easy, so this is unlikely to be a problem.



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