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Integrating Risk Assessment in Operating Procedures – Case Study

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Total (UK) Exploration & Production Limited was looking for a procedure to manage plant safety when safety instrumented systems (SIS) were not available due to fault conditions or the need to apply a maintenance override / inhibit. A crucial part in this process is recognising the amount of risk reduction provided by the safety instrumented system and replicating this in temporary measures implemented whilst it was out of service. Genesis Oil & Gas Consultants developed a procedure that linked the safety instrumented system safety integrity level (SIL) assessment to the Total corporate risk matrix to guide users on the necessary amount of risk reduction to apply. Added to this are examples on valid risk reduction measures for consideration together with the amount of risk reduction credit to claim in each case.


“The Challenge – Total (UK) Exploration & Production Limited operates a number of offshore installations in the North Sea environment producing oil and gas for the UK market.
During the normal operation of an installation, it is often the case that a safety instrumented system (SIS) needs to be taken out of service for maintenance. The problem is what protection measures to put in place when this occurs so the plant can continue to operate safely.”