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Internal Staff Newsletter for Holland & Barrett

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Re-brand the daily internal newsletter that was sent out to all UK and Ireland stores. The Mac Daddies design team created a new newsletter template in InDesign, which and I learnt how to use. I suggested the name for the newsletter as 'The Daily Dose', because it was daily comms and the company sells vitamin tablets. In the end, after suggestions from staff, we went with the name 'The Supplement'. The internal comms included news and features from different departments and stakeholders, which varied in content and was often sent at the last minute. I implemented a weekly content schedule so that content was sent in advance allowing time for fact-checking and also giving the newsletter a feel of a newspaper with features on set days of the week. Senior stakeholders were happy with the new content for the internal comms and I worked producing daily newsletters in this format for a year at Holland and Barrett.


The Supplement – Have you had yours today?


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