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Job revolution, EXPLORE magazine, MED-EL

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An indepth feature on rapidly changing trends in the world of work, including voting for your boss, unlimited vacation, the Hollywood model and the mobile office. It was for a magazine called EXPLORE, published by MED-EL, a global leader in hearing implants. The feature also looks at how technology is improving the work environment for deaf people.


Remember the old nine-to-five when work was strictly for the office, shop or factory and home was for catching up on TV or spending time with family and friends? Chances are that if you’re under 40, the answer is no. For the past 10 to 20 years, our working and personal lives have become gradually more intertwined, thanks to modern technology.


But over the past few years in particu­lar, the pace of change has gathered momentum, affecting not just working hours but the very nature of employment. Jobs are no longer for life – in fact, you may not have a job at all in the traditional sense, but a series of short-term paid projects.


Or you may have multiple jobs – or even careers. You may work from a conven­tional office, your own home, or perhaps you share a workspace with people who are not your colleagues.



Job revolution