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Landing page for my own copywriting website

About this project

This is a currently live landing page on my website for people to sign up to my free ecourse - 11 Copywriting Tricks of the Trade. I’m including it in my portfolio as it’s a good example of my skills in creating copy for landing pages. (And if you go to my site and sign up, you’ll receive 11 emails from me teaching various elements of copywriting – a great way to get a feel for my work!)


Learn how to write amazing copy that connects with your readers

write for your own website 

using the same techniques that professional copywriters use

You know there’s an art to good copywriting

You’re just not sure if you have the talent to master it

As a copywriter myself, I would love to believe it’s all about talent

But to be honest, it’s not really

It’s about having access to the right tools

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