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Emailed a pregnancy advisory service yesterday.
Attended a protest against the cuts in March.
Is worried about her drinking.
Texted her boss at 2.23am this morning.
Is struggling with bereavement.

How private is your private life?

Who you text, email, skype or phone; your activity on Facebook and Twitter; which websites you visit… If recorded, your ‘communications data’ would build up an incredibly intimate picture of you.

This is what the Government is proposing in the Draft Communications Data Bill (the ‘Snoopers’ Charter’). Private communications companies such as your Internet Service Provider will be instructed to collect and store your data, for possible future access by hundreds of state bodies.

We urgently need your support because this new law is being considered right now. We have stopped this proposal before and with your help we can stop it again.

Help us stop the Snoopers’ Charter
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