Portfolio project

Living Sea Therapy (skincare)

The brand — sustainable, Cornish skincare

Living Sea Therapy (LST) is a skincare brand drawing on Cornwall’s geology and the sustainable products of its sister businesses, Cornish Sea Salt Co. and Cornish Seaweed Co. They worked in partnership with marine biologists, environmentalists and spa therapists to develop 12 beauty products for bath, body and hands & feet.

Challenge — testing the brand, retelling stories

The challenge for the marketing team at LST was to test the brand’s authenticity before launch and to create journalist content around the geology, science and ingredients. They wanted a journalist in their corner to pre-empt the toughest questions from the nation’s press pack. Louise Moye, marketing manager for parent company, Provenance Brands, said: “You just don’t know what a journalist will ask when a new product launches. This made us question things we may never have considered.”

Delivery — interviews, research, writing

After eight interviews and some deep research, I created 12 launch blogs (the oldest on the site now), two web pages (Sea Science and Our Story) and some ingredient descriptions, all under one, tight deadline. I wrote about sea salt, seaweed, Cornish geology, aromatherapy, art and science.

A word from the author

From my side, working with these girls was a dream. Organised, specific, driven, they knew exactly what they wanted. LST’s multiple stories and messages were indeed complex. And I discovered my sweet spot during this project: ‘interview-based writing for complex brands with big stories’. Thanks Lou.

Client feedback — “The right person to do this.”

 “Love your work. You were such the right person to do this. You brought journalistic perspective, clarity and brevity, and the ability to question everything in the way only a journalist would. It is a complex brand with a big story. With the interviews and research you helped us untangle the brand and deliver a complicated story that has got all the brand essence in it. It’s helped with retailers and press, having that clarity in the written word helped us articulate the brand with the spoken word. We are over the moon.” Louise Moye, marketing manager, Provenance Brands.

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