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Lynda’s Nursery Knits Blog Post

Buttons are great. They add a cute flair to a cardigan or a splash of colour to a pair of booties. But they’re also the bane of my existence at times. They’re small so God forbid you drop any on the ground because you might never find them again. I have so many of them that trying to find the perfect one to match a piece of clothing is a pain. Trying to keep my buttons in order has been a struggle since I started Lynda’s Nursery Knits.

I remember my Mam used to keep her buttons in her button tin. It was actually just an empty biscuit tin, or a Roses tin if she was feeling fancy. The worst part of that as a child was when you thought you’d found sweets you didn’t know about, and the crushing disappointment of opening the tin to find a pile of buttons looking up at you. Taunting you.


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