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Buttons are great. They add a cute flair to a cardigan or a splash of colour to a pair of booties. But they’re also the bane of my existence at times. They’re small so God forbid you drop any on the ground because you might never find them again. I have so many of them that trying to find the perfect one to match a piece of clothing is a pain. Trying to keep my buttons in order has been a struggle since I started Lynda’s Nursery Knits.

I remember my Mam used to keep her buttons in her button tin. It was actually just an empty biscuit tin, or a Roses tin if she was feeling fancy. The worst part of that as a child was when you thought you’d found sweets you didn’t know about, and the crushing disappointment of opening the tin to find a pile of buttons looking up at you. Taunting you.

There were always a lot of buttons in my Mam’s button tin. Not only did she have the buttons she bought herself, but she would take the buttons off any old clothing that we were getting rid of. No piece of clothing left our house without being stripped of it’s buttons and having them added to the button tin.

Of course having this many buttons made it difficult to actually find the ones you were looking for. You had to wade through the entire tin to find that one black one you wanted. Or even worse was spending the time looking for a set of buttons and only being able to find 3 when you needed 4.

Unfortunately things don’t always change over time. I’m ashamed to say I adopted my Mam’s button organisation skills (or lack thereof) and kept mine in a tin of my own. I upgraded from a round biscuit tin to a square Spa Sanctuaryone, but the problems were all the same. I did try keeping them all in sandwich bags to try to give a bit of organisation to the mess, but the bags were still in a pile in a tin so I don’t know who I was trying to fool.

It was a joke between my kids that my motto had become ‘I really need to find a better way to organise my buttons’ every time I delved into the depths of my button tin, so I decided it was time to find a solution.

I looked for anything with compartments. A make up organiser seemed like a good idea at first, but I realised I’d have to buy about ten of them to fit all my buttons. I found a few sewing kits that I thought would be ideal, but the sizes of the compartments were too mismatched. The top ones were too small and there was only one large bottom one that was too big. I thought I’d found the perfect thing in a craft box on Amazon. It had all the compartments I wanted at all the right sizes, but it also had a lovely price tag that went with it. And the shipping to Ireland was twice as much.

I’d almost given up hope when my salvation came on a routine food-shopping trip to Lidl. I was minding my own business walking down the cheese aisle when I saw it. It was like the heavens shone a light down and I was sure I heard choirs singing.

A hardware organiser, a box of small plastic drawers, about 30 of them altogether so there was room for every button I had. And it was the last one in the shop. I grabbed it, opening the little drawers and seeing that it came with dividers, so I could make the drawers whatever size I wanted. I was saved. My days of slogging through bags upon bags of buttons to find that one little snowman I knew was there somewhere were over.

Now I have the most organised buttons I could ever have hoped for. Some drawers are sorted into colours, others are sorted into themes (like dinosaurs, Disney or wooden buttons). I even have a large drawer down the bottom that holds all my gift tags, so everything is in one place.

I guess the moral of this story is that finding a button organiser is a lot like finding love. It’s when you stop looking for it that you’ll find it. And it will be as wonderful as you always dreamed it would.


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