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Make it Social – case studies

About this project

Make it Social is a group booking service that offers online ticketing platforms the chance to include social booking on their sites. After completing the brief of writing their website copy, I was hired on a permanent basis to write bi-monthly blog and case studies. I've included an example of one of the case studies I wrote for them.


Social Booking Doubles The Transaction Value for The Kia Oval

Our recent case study definitely proves that social booking should be one of the main focus points when optimising online booking flow. Learn how social booking works for Surrey County Cricket Club.

The Challenge

Cricket supporters have been making it social at the Kia Oval since 1845. Yet, all this time they have been in in the dark with regards to their customer preferences. Its our job to amend that.

Always seeking to improve its customer services, the Kia Oval was attracted by the MiS technology, which enables customers to easily book tickets as a social group. Consumers pay individually for their tickets and the Kia Oval has visibility of all attendees’ preferences and data. This includes seating location, dietary requirements and number of match programmes ordered.

The Solution

MiS’s innovative social booking technology combines the peer-to-peer networking of friends, family, colleagues or club members to book together in an easy-to use application.

By interfacing directly with the Kia Oval website, MiS was able to provide Surrey County Cricket Club with enhanced customer data for all consumers attending and not just the social group leader – as with legacy solutions.

The MiS social booking platform successfully encouraged existing customers to invite their friends, as well as enabled new attendees. Post-event, the Kia Oval was able to identify that 85% of the MiS bookers were new additions to their consumer database. That exponential growth of the Kia Oval customer database, whilst providing an easy and intuitive social booking solution to attend and enjoy cricket together, is what Make it Social is all about.

About the groups

By providing the Kia Oval with a social booking platform, customers could easily invite friends to attend the cricket together. In fact, the average MiS social booking group size was 7.4 customers. That’s an increase from an average of 2.3 customers per transaction via the Kia Oval website.

In cash terms, that’s a leap from £60 to a £185 per MiS transaction!

The largest MiS social booking size was an amazing 19 people!

Due to the Make it Social’s personalised and Kia Oval-branded social booking invitations, the MiS booking ratio was 39.5%. This is compares exceptionally well in comparison to other industry conversion rates.