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Making Tax less taxing

The Client — Overview

ADM — the Archer Daniels Midland Company — is a

global leader in human and animal nutrition, the

world’s premier agricultural origination and processing

company, and a leading renewable chemicals producer.

Their combination of expertise, production and

logistics capabilities and geographical reach sees

the company supporting a range of sectors including

food and beverage, health and wellness and others.

From Algeria to Vietnam, in 28 different countries and

with over 100 separate production sites, they pursue

their mission to ‘unlock nature to enrich life’.

The Client — Specific Engagement

Taxually works with ADM’s oilseeds trading, animal

nutrition and speciality ingredients operations, across

most of Eurozone and Serbia. These include Europe’s

largest oilseeds crushing and refi nery complex, bulk

processing oilseed rape and soybeans to manufacture

products ranging from foodstuffs to biodiesel.

The Challenges

ADM needs to negotiate multiple VAT structures

in many different countries at any one time. A

wide range of products and regulations apply, and

timely and accurate VAT data and submissions

are vital to smooth and compliant operations.

The Specifi c Objectives

ADM wanted to increase international business

diversity and business volumes. At the same time,

they also needed to reduce internal tax compliance

costs and fees incurred using external consultants.

Another important goal was to grow internal

capabilities to respond to tax deadlines faster.

Why Choose Taxually?

The decision was driven by several key factors. Taxually

showed clearly, and early, that they were capable of doing

the job. ADM were impressed by an ability to work, even at

the demonstration and proof-of-capability stage, with their

specific real-world and real-time data. Other strengths

included broad solution functionalities, geographical

reach, and specifi c tax and technology expertise. Strong

individual relationships between ADM and Taxually people

also played a role. And Taxually were cost-competitive too.

The Benefits – Time and Money Saved

Since engaging with Taxually, ADM have made

measurable savings in time and money.



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