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Management of Emergency Shutdown Valves – Case Study

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Centrica were experiencing a number of failures of ESD riser valves installed in its North Sea pipeline network, and so immediately began to look for potential causes of the problem. When the preliminary investigation failed to resolve the issue, Centrica commissioned Genesis Oil & Gas Consultants to conduct a detailed investigation and make recommendations for improvement. After reviewing relevant documentation and interviewing maintenance personnel, Genesis narrowed the problem down to ambiguities in the fault reporting and remediation procedures and the lack to clear guidance on the application of ESD valves in general. Genesis’ solution to the problem was to prepare a reporting checklist to improve the quality of fault reporting and to create a standard for the application and management of ESD valves for future use.


“The Challenge – Centrica operates a complex network of pipeline systems in the North Sea to direct the flow of oil and gas between its various assets.
During a short period of operation, Centrica experienced a number of random failures of pipeline emergency shutdown (ESD) riser valves. A preliminary investigation into the incidents failed to identify any particular causes of failure, which prompted Centrica to consider a more detailed investigation.”