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Marketing copy for exhibitions and galleries

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Marketing and advertising copy for high-profile exhibitions and galleries at the National Maritime Museum and Royal Observatory Greenwich, including 'Turner and the Sea', 'Nelson, Navy, Nation', 'Ships, Clocks and Stars', 'Astronomy Photographer of the Year' and 'Longitude Punk'd'. I crafted the lead marketing copy used across internal and external media and communications channels throughout each campaign. I adapted the copy for specifically targeted advertising channels including outdoor, press and online (including Google AdWords), visual trailers, web, and social media. My copy was essential in promoting the exhibitions and galleries as exciting, interesting must-sees, appealing to their target audiences. It adapted fluently to each advertising channel, contributing to successful ticket sales and record visitor numbers.


Turner and the Sea – 2013/14

Throw yourself into Turner’s dramatic depictions of sunsets, storms and shipwrecks, which revolutionized maritime art and have become some of Britain’s best-loved paintings.
This landmark exhibition celebrates his lifelong fascination with the sea, bringing together an outstanding collection of masterpieces from around the world including The Fighting Temeraire, voted ‘Britain’s favourite painting’, and Wreck of a Transport Ship, not seen in the UK for nearly 40 years.
Explore Turner’s pioneering and often controversial approach in capturing the beauty and power of seascapes, alongside iconic works by other great artists including van de Velde, Vernet, Constable and Gainsborough.
Take in his experimental style in depicting the sea’s many moods and dramas with extraordinary effects of light and colour, conveying atmosphere and feeling as much as physical form.
See Turner as you’ve never seen him before, at the heart of Maritime Greenwich.


Strapline for ads:
See Turner’s seascapes as you’ve never seen them before, at the heart of Maritime Greenwich #SeaTurner

Seascapes by the Masters, brought together for the first time in the heart of Maritime Greenwich #SeaTurner


Nelson, Navy, Nation – new permanent gallery October 2013

From bustling dockyards to ferocious sea battles, ‘Nelson, Navy Nation’ brings to life the tumultuous 18th century, exploring how the Royal Navy affected lives afloat and ashore, and turned sea-faring heroes into national celebrities.
From sailors to admirals, land-lubbers to seadogs, ordinary life to the heat of battle, follow the story of the Navy and how it loomed large in the popular imagination, shaping how Britons saw themselves and their place in the world.
Showcasing Nelson’s iconic uniform and weird and wonderful Nelson memorabilia, alongside over 250 star objects from the Museum’s collections, the gallery considers the legendary national hero within the context of his day, making sense of his achievements and dazzling celebrity and telling a wider story about British society.


Strapline for ads:
A brand new gallery exploring lives and legacies afloat and ashore during the tumultuous 18th century


Ships, Clocks and Stars: The Quest for Longitude – 2014/15
Discover how the critical problem of finding where you were at sea preoccupied the greatest minds of the 17th and 18th centuries. Explore the ideas that went into solving the world’s biggest challenge, the rewards and prestige at stake, and how the science involved still affects our lives today.
Not being able to pinpoint where you were at sea posed a huge problem for centuries, prolonging voyages, wrecking ships and costing lives. The Longitude Act, passed in July 1714, set the scene for a race of enormous importance, with the top scientific minds of the age pitted against each other to solve the ‘unsolvable’.

Delve through this landmark exhibition into a dramatic story of invention and intrigue, which captured the imaginations and talents of astronomers, skilled artisans, politicians, seamen and satirists.

Encounter a roll-call of famous figures, explore their ingenious methods and instruments, follow their rivalries and personal stories, and consider how much we owe them today.


Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2014

Royal Observatory Greenwich

A captivating display of the best astronomy photography in the world today, displaying the mesmerizing winning entries in this year’s international competition, now in its sixth year and attracting over 1000 entries from around the world.

Gaze at the winning entries up close, from ethereal images of the sky viewed from Earth to swirling nebulae in deep space; an array of breath-taking visions of the beauty of our universe.


Longitude Punk’d – 2014

Royal Observatory Greenwich

Delve into a weird and wonderful world where sci-fi collides with 18th-century innovation; an immersive experience never tried before, in the last place you would expect to see it…

Steampunk artists have taken over the ‘Time’ galleries at the Royal Observatory, creating a lavishly re-imagined story of the pursuit for longitude. Bursting with quirky characters, this witty, theatrical, and fabulously inventive narrative reinterprets the science and drama of the 18th-century quest, bringing to life madcap inventors, star-gazing scientists and extremely elegant explorers of the past.

Discover specially created pieces large and small by steampunk luminaries including Robert Rankin, Doctor Geof, Emilly Ladybird and Major Thaddeus Tinker, as they take over the historic rooms of Flamsteed House and spill out into the Meridian Courtyard, exuberantly blurring the boundaries between art and science, fact and fiction.


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