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The Benefits of Water Therapy for Chronic Pain

Natural pain relief for long term sufferers


The events of 2020 have had a devastating affect on the UK’s health in many ways, not least for the estimated 28 million adults who suffer from long term chronic pain. The reduced access to regular treatments and therapies may have exacerbated the problem, with additional consequences for their quality of life, mental health, jobs, families, and routine daily activities.


Chronic pain is defined by the NHS as any condition that persists for 3 months or more despite ongoing medication or treatments and at the last count around 5 million GP appointments per year were for patients with back, knee, hip or other pain.


The instinct with many sufferers is to reach for the painkillers, whether they’re over the counter brands or those prescribed by their GP. But while these may provide short term relief, there is lots of recent evidence to prove that staying active can be just as effective, especially as an aid to the long term or even permanent relief from your condition. It wasn’t all that long ago that the “go to” treatment for back pain sufferers was complete bed rest – thank goodness those days are long gone!



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