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Why a 5-minute milk test gives you top-performing herds

Dear Mr Herriot,

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a quick and easy test that would help you and your farmers build outstanding dairy herds?

A test that would make you and your farmers money through regular sales, higher productivity and less waste?

A test that was so accurate you’d happily depend on it?

Introducing P4 Rapid

Now, at last there is, with new P4 Rapid.

In just a few minutes P4 Rapid will:

  • Detect heat in cows that show no reliable signs or behaviours – typically up to 30% of any herd
  • Confirm oestrus before AI
  • Identify cows who have returned after AI

While it’s not a pregnancy, diagnostic or bPAG test, P4 Rapid has a host of other benefits. You can use it on its own, alongside other heat detection monitors to prevent false positives, and as a training tool.

With P4 Rapid farmers will no longer waste straws on mistimed AIs. They’ll stop sending fertile cows to be culled. They’ll cut incorrect calving dates and mistimed dry periods.

Ultimately, they’ll increase the productivity of their whole herd.

So it’s a tool that will be an essential part of their daily routine. And in the UK there’s only one place where they can buy it.

“P4 Rapid is proving incredibly helpful. Please send me another kit ASAP.”

Stephen Turner, Organic Farmer, Somerset


Because we believe the best person to advise a farmer on herd fertility is their vet. (A 2012 study1 found farmers believe this too and highly value their vet’s advice.)


So, although we’re promoting P4 Rapid to farmers, we’re committed to a vet only sales model in the UK.


See P4 Rapid at the BCVA


I’m going to be at the BCVA in October and it would be great to see you there.


Come along to the P4 Rapid stand where I’ll demonstrate how this brilliantly simple test works and answer any questions you may have.


And if you’d like more information before then, please give me a call on 01594 530809. I’d love to hear from you.


Yours sincerely,


Diana John

UK Sales Executive


PS Call in to the stand, say it takes two to tango, and get a £10 discount on a box of 25 tests. And I’ll show you why that phrase is so significant.


1 J Hall and W Wapenaar, Veterinary Record online, March 2012 (10.1136/vr.100318)



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