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Nationwide Building Society is a leading UK financial services brand. They hired me to develop strategic direction and digital strategy for its intranet. This is part of the firm’s corporate communications strategy.

Writing content, news editing and digital publishing were my daily tasks. Increasing engagement across the intranet site was an important KPI. Nationwide branch staff did not have access to breaking news sources. This was before mobile phones became a major source of information. I edited news stories and published them in a multi-channel section of the intranet.

I used photo editing software on a daily basis to enhance the digital user experience. I worked with an editorial calendar of internal communications to plan content creation. I published memos, press releases and product updates.

I used user research and analytics metrics as evidence to redesign the corporate intranet. I created a content strategy roadmap, wireframes and prototypes.


Adrie van der Luijt

Barton Cartwright Communications | Specialist in online forms for financial services and public sector clients | London


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