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What can a Financial Coach do for you? You are just three short steps away from finding out

Over the years I’ve built up a reputation for helping women just like you. Women who have had the financial rug pulled out from underneath them. Women who are going through a major life event – divorce, bereavement, or redundancy. Women who have suddenly found themselves forced to face up to their financial realities – often for the first time in their lives.

Perhaps your partner always looked after your joint or family finances and now you need to take over. Perhaps you suddenly need to find somewhere else to live, or a new job, or have realised that retirement is just around the corner and you have no savings. Or you have crippling debt. Or a combination of any of these things.

It happens to thousands of women every year. Women who never got into the habit of managing their money. Women who know they have money problems but don’t know how to face them. Or who never even had a full picture of what they are.


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