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Same again?

You can barely walk 100 yards through our fine city these days without being assailed by the concept of ‘craft brewing’. Those cool, wooden-floored joints with 483 special edition, microbrewery creations chalked up on a rustic bare-brick wall, all as carefully cultivated as your hipster barman’s pseudo-unkempt beard.

Oh, it’s a new world, alright. What’s a man to do when faced with such choices? Best pick something exotic-sounding, heart-stoppingly expensive and claim you never drink anything else.

Yes, we’re educating ourselves in the art of brewing a little more with every post-work drink. And yet, come the next morning, most of us stick the kettle on, chuck a floppy bag in a mug and and start our day guzzling something with less than stellar credentials. And worse still, we serve the same cup of brown disappointment to our guests.

Because your chosen tea says more about you than a wittily named craft ale ever can, Newby are on hand to cover your tea-making embarrassment – creating brews so artisanal they’ll raise your beverage-preparing credibility no end.

Their tea bags are a sensible starting point if you’re looking to up your game, with all the hand-picked leaves inside subject to the most fastidious of quality checks. Newby’s experts crank it up another notch with Silken Pyramids (you’ll find some of them in Waitrose), not just classic black teas but fruity tisanes and those lady-friendly green teas too.

And when you’re finally ready to commit to a really serious tea relationship, you’ll be wanting to explore the delights of Newby’s Gourmet Collection and brand-new Oolong Collection. Two sets of robustly caddied blends bursting with the kind of irresistible character traits you just won’t find in a supermarket own-brand partner.

Congratulations, sir. You have just achieved your craft tea accreditation.

Same again?

Not likely.


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