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North South Wines: print brochure

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North South Wines is a new wine distributor. For its first brochure they asked me to create copy that sounded like them: young, exited about their business, and extremely knowledgeable. The wine business is pretty traditional, but NSW's fresh tone of voice has gone down like the smoothest Burgundy and has helped them stand out in an extremely competitive world. It's worked so well that we're creating a whole suite of brochures for 2016.


From the introduction to the 2015 brochure:

If you love wine even half as much as we do, our 2015 list will make you happy. We choose only wines that make us smile, pass the bottle, and say, ‘try this!’ and we hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do.

We have decades of experience of buying and selling wine between us. We set up North South Wines because we wanted to do business in collaboration with you, our customers and our producers, and to focus only on the very best wines.

Above all we want to discover and deliver the perfect wines for you, so we’ll never push a wine that’s not right for you, but we may surprise you by suggesting one you haven’t come across before.

Our prices may surprise you too. Because we work openly with our suppliers they understand your needs and consistently offer us great deals, which we pass on to you.

If you’re intrigued by our new approach and our exciting list, please call
us to find out more. Tel 0203 178 5378


North South Wines Wine List for Independents 2015 low res