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Carolina Herrera for Luxury Lifestyle Magazine Simply Abu Dhabi

‘If one was to name a true pioneer of the womenswear industry, a designer who can be distinguished with a simple glance, Carolina Herrera would be the first name on the lips of many a fashion aficionado.

‘Known throughout the industry for a style that could arguably be called classic, Mrs Herrera often creates sublime pieces with an unerring focus on elegance which never runs the risk of being overrated.

‘The darkness and enigmatic magic of winter’s night is the source of the rich colour palette of Mrs Herrera’s Autumn/Winter 2015 collection, drawing on hues of black, grey and camel. Thick fabrics create contrasting volumes and new dimensions, presenting a sense of modernity.

‘A-line coats in masculine cuts, capes, and fitted jackets are contrasted by relaxed pants, leather skirts and printed dresses, paired with luxurious accessories such as rich fur stoles or tall suede closed and peep-toe boots, each piece is made with precision and attention to detail.

‘Her signature handbags, such as the Vendome and Camelot, are reinvented with new, adventurous textures such as fur with refined finishes.

‘The signature pieces find themselves in good company with a new addition, the elegant Diva handbag style, seeing reds, sky blues and fuchsias splashing colour across a field of beautiful white and ivory, existing to juxtapose the deep, dark colour palette of the collection.

‘For the evening, Mrs Herrera uses a mix of fine silks, lace and jacquard to create a sense of femininity, the signature details not lost with bows and ruffling common throughout.’


Charlie Benton



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