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Intensive care, eternal thanks

An unprovoked assault outside a Manchester nightclub changed Matthew Edgington’s life for ever. Several years on, his father John says he and his family still feel a debt of gratitude to the many health service staff who saved his son’s life.

Saturday 28 November 2009: John Edgington and his wife had been out for a meal to celebrate his 61st birthday. Their son Matthew, then 25, who had just started a new sales job, had played football in the afternoon, bought some new clothes and gone off clubbing with friends in Manchester.

At about 3am, the phone rang. It was one of Matthew’s friends. A six-mile drive from Bury, and John and his wife arrived at Manchester Royal Infirmary just as Matthew, unconscious and his face covered in blood, was coming back from a scan.

“Matthew had been punched three times in the back of the head, by two people, in an unprovoked attack outside a nightclub in Manchester,” John says.

The doorman had given Matthew first aid and put him in the recovery position. By chance, though, a nearby ambulance, out on a call that had turned out not to be that serious, was diverted.



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