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One Piece of Advice Magazine

As creative people, we all have our opinions. We have our way of seeing and our way of doing. Whether it’s a critique from an art school professor to an illustration student, or the feedback from a client to a visual effects studio. Advice is a major part of the soundtrack to life in the creative industries.

It’s a sincere interaction, from one creative to another. It’s how we get started, how we learn and how we get better.

Creative advice is not black and white — there is no absolute right or wrong. Advice isn’t owned by the experienced and knowledgeable, any more than it is owed to the young and inexperienced. Advice isn’t bound by discipline or exchanged for advice of equal worth.

Since 1880, we’ve been called Bournemouth School of Art, Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design, The Arts Institute at Bournemouth and The Arts University College at Bournemouth. Finally, in 2012, we became Arts University Bournemouth.

Whatever our name, the common thread here has always been great advice. Our students have taught us as much as we’ve taught them, and they’ve gone on to do great things. You’ll nd a few of them — past and present — in this magazine. Among their stories, you’ll find their advice. We’ve avoided asking them for it directly, but advice is quite often inevitable.

We hope you’ll nd One Piece of Advice entertaining, informative, occasionally emotional and maybe even useful, wherever you are on your creative journey.

Freddie Harrison



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